Correct use of Stock Photos

2 July 2020 Curioso Photography

Correct use of Stock Photos

Correct use of Stock Photos

Royalty-free photos in contrast to rights-managed photos and despite the misleading name only have to be paid once. There are no free images at Curioso Photography, and no Creative Commons licenses, but the prices are fair. With royalty free stock photos you can serve almost all commercial purposes: Advertising, websites, products, promotion, press articles or even everything at once. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when you buy stock photos, as a violation of the license terms can have serious consequences.

Please check Acceptable / Restricted Uses for Royalty Free Stock Photos.

Sensitive Topics

For some topics, such as religion, politics, medication, tobacco and alcohol, separate permission is required to use the images. Photocase stock images can be used for such sensitive topics for an additional charge and after consultation with the copyright holder. A short request by e-mail is sufficient, then we will clear the image for you.

Proof of Copyright

When using stock photography, it is obligatory to mention the source of the image consisting of the name of the author and the stock photo agency. If you are a small business you should tell your graphic designer to plugin the photographer credits via Adobe Photoshop, Creative Cloud, Affinity Designer or any other image editing software as per the FAQ. This obligation can be opted out by purchasing the corresponding extra license.

Change the Licensee

Graphic designers and advertising agencies sometimes work on behalf of a customer who insists on acting as the licensee of the content. Curioso Photography is one of the few stock photo agencies where you can adapt the license agreement at any time with a simple change of the licensee.

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