Paid Stock Photos. Microstock Agencies.

30 June 2020 Curioso Photography

Paid Stock Photos. Microstock Agencies.

Piad stock photos

Pages with paid stock photos

Sometimes the photos you come across are not the ones you want. It happens that neither party can provide you with a perfect photo for free. In such cases, you should resort to sites with paid stock images. Here is a list of some of the best sites with paid stock images.

Adobe Stock

Creative Cloud subscribers from Adobe have access to thewebsite Adobe Stock. There are over 50 million free stock images, films, templates and illustrations. It is compatible with the creative kit and allows users to purchase images through photo editing software such as Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. You can find both credit-buying and subscription-based options, with plans starting at $ 29.

Curioso.Photography Portfolio on Adobe Stock  44.929 Royalty Free Stock Images


Shutterstock can be described as the king of stock images licensed for a fee. This site has over 235 million images, movies, templates, etc. The high-quality images posted on the site are great for commercial purposes. Shutterstock is a real beast among stock image databases for both private and commercial purposes. Depending on your budget and frequency of use, you can choose prepaid image plans or annual plans. Prices start from just $ 0.75.

Curioso.Photography Portfolio on Shutterstock  48.409 Royalty Free Stock Images


Depositphotos allows users to pick from a rich collection of high-quality images. Over 49 million stock images from which to choose, many available price options do not strain the budget. The three payment options are the ability to download on demand or download monthly / daily. The final price per image comes out reasonably low if you choose one of the subscription-based plans. A flexible monthly plan is also available from just $ 9.99.

Curioso.Photography Portfolio on DepositPhotos  62.375 Royalty Free Stock Images


One of the oldest players in this industry is 123RF a photo agency with an established reputation, selling royalty-free stock photos at an affordable price. The photos published there are used by Google, Apple etc. Since 2005, it has been offering users credit and subscription plans starting from 25 cents per image.

Curioso.Photography Portfolio on 123RF  48.227 Royalty Free Stock Images


iStockphoto from Getty Images offers the best quality images at affordable prices. You can choose to buy credits, which can then be used to buy the image, or to subscribe to the site for a minimum fee. Subscribers secure the right to a small gift! Only they will receive a set of free stock images weekly.The search function available on this page is easy to use, so you can easily find the image you are looking for there.

Curioso.Photography Portfolio on iStock  34.879 Royalty Free Stock Images


Dreamstime allows users to download both free and paid images. In addition to the availability of over 4,400,000 images, there are also 25 million users to choose from. High-quality images are sold at minimal prices from just $ 0.20!

Curioso.Photography Portfolio on Dreamstime 41.524 Royalty Free Stock Images


With 160 million photos, videos and vectors that can be viewed, Alamy boasts culturally diverse images. Over 80,000 new stock photos are added each day, and people posting them come from as many as 173 different countries. The Alamy team makes sure that they are still available to customers via chats, as well as offline, by phone. Their cost is based only on the price for a single photo. There are no subscriptions, loans or package plans available. Buying many paintings at once can be quite expensive for us, but the authenticity and type of images that Alamy has to offer is unbeatable! Prices for one photo are from $ 20 upwards.

Curioso.Photography Portfolio on Alamy 42.202 Royalty Free Stock Images


A great bankfilms, stock images and vectors is Bigstock. Bigstock is a stock photo agency with large library, multiple buying options and very low prices. With 71 million digital images, you can find the perfect photo at a minimal price. Different plans are available on a monthly and daily basis, and with this type of plan, the cost per picture is just $ 0.53. Owned by Shutterstock since 2009, they operate as a stand-alone website, but maintaining the straight-foward pricing and buying system than their parent company. Bigstock’s value is in the wider subscription plans and on demand pricing tiers, making their a much more flexible offer. Explore Bigstock’s service, sign up for free to buy great stock photos at super low prices.

Curioso.Photography Portfolio on Bigstock 40.834 Royalty Free Stock Images

Can Stock Photo

Can Stock Photo is a stock photography provider which licenses royalty-free images, photos, digital illustrations, picture clip art and footage files on behalf of photographers, illustrators, and videographers. Founded in 2004, it was one of the earliest microstock agencies.By adding over 23,000 photos a day, Can Stock Photo deserves to be called a giant photo agency. Professional photographs are available to everyone at a minimal cost. Credit and subscription plans start at just $ 9. Subscription plans reduce the cost of one photo to approx. 0.55 $.

Curioso.Photography Portfolio on Can Stock Photo 26.497 Royalty Free Stock Images


Photocase is a German stock photo agency specializing in unconventional, artistic, authentic stock photos with a clear Berlin-style vibe. With over a decade in business, theirs is a purposefully small, tightly curated library full of beautiful Royalty free images that you will hardly find anywhere else.

Curioso.Photography Portfolio on PhotoCase   59 Royalty Free Stock Images


Curioso.Photography Portfolio on Pixta  20.497 Royalty Free Stock Images

Above list is only the tip of the iceberg. If you search the internet, you can find many more pages with stock images that can help you improve your designs, so next time you think about the perfect photo, look at the sites listed above.

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